Here’s a first up-close look at the new Lightning connector port on the 7-inch iPad Mini, compared to the standard 9.7-inch iPad. According to Fortune, Apple will send out invites for the rumored iPad Mini launch on October 10 – a new iMac might also be unveiled. Continue reading for a video and more information.

It emerged yesterday that Apple had instructed suppliers in China to manufacture 10million of the new smaller tablet computers, showing faith in their product in the face of stiff competition. Insiders say the iPad Mini will be announced on October 17, a few days from the releases of Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Microsoft’s Surface tablets, and go on sale November 2.

As yet, however, Apple has not officially confirmed any of the reports, rumours of leaks about a smaller iPad. Apple’s 9-inch device dominates the market, but smaller, cheaper tablets have been eating away at the iPad’s popularity. The iPad mini is expected to so on sale around the world on November 2nd, according to online speculation.


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