That’s right, Dutch billionaire Johan Huibers’ full-scale replica of Noah’s Ark, complete with animals, has opened its doors in Dordrecht, Netherlands. Though the Bible specified that the Ark had to be built from the unknown gopher wood, the replica is a steel frame skinned with American Cedar and Pine and built on top of a steel barge. Continue reading for videos, more pictures, and additional information.

According to, The Bible, Noah was commanded to build an ark having a length of 300 cubits, a width of 50 cubits, and a height of 30 cubits. This second “Ark” replica is carried on a platform made up of 25 LASH barges and is partly financed by income from the first Ark as well as donations and loans. It features various fake animals, including cows, penguins, a crocodile, and a giraffe. It has been approved to allow up to 3,000 visitors per day.