Light Phone

Think of the Light Phone as an anti-smartphone, since it can only send calls and receive them. You won’t be able to text, connect to social media, and take photos with it. In fact, Light’s founders Joe Hollier and Kai Tang say the device is designed to be used “as little as possible,” in hopes to cure smartphone addiction. It works independently of your phone plan, but Light’s technology enables you to keep the same number. The phone has six modes: Standby (nothing is lit up); On (shows the time and a number pad); Info (shows battery level + service bars); Speed dial (shows the names of pre-programmed contacts); Incoming (shows you who’s calling); Connected (you’ll see the timer on your call). Once available, it’s expected to be priced at $150 with the SIM and Light’s software platform costing $5 per month. Click here to view the first image in this week’s funny Facebook status updates gallery. Continue reading for a heartstopping viral video of a snowboarder caught in an avalanche.

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