LightMode Motorcycle Helmet TRON

While actual Light Cycles might be years from becoming a reality, motorcycle riders can create their own TRON-inspired helmet with LightMode. Available as either a permanent modification kit for your current helmet, or an entirely new helmet with the kit installed, LightMode essentially adds glowing, electroluminescent components on the outside with a combination of special glue and chemical accelerator. Users control the brightness using a box that clamps onto the helmet between the shell and padding. Best of all, it runs on just 2 AA batteries, offering three modes: constant glow, blink and off. Continue reading for three videos and more information.

“Small controllers power each helmet, giving users the ability to select between three different modes that include constant glow, blink, and turning the lights off entirely. There are 5 different colors to choose from (which you can mix and match) including aqua, red, white, green and blue,” reports HiConsumption.

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