Sora Electric Superbike

Sleek and fit for The Dark Knight himself, Lito Green Motion’s Sora superbike is fully electric, with a carbon fiber / machined aluminum frame. Now, it’s been upgraded with a clip-on rear passenger seat, perfect for a sidekick, like Robin. Its 1498 mm (59.0 in.) wheelbase makes it extremely agile in the urban environment, while no compromises have been made for the highway comfort. Power comes from a liquid-cooled direct drive motor, mated to a hand-assembled 12kWh lithium-polymer battery which can be recharged in 9-hours using the on-board J1772-compatible charger. Continue reading for a ride session video. Click here to view more pictures.

“Sora can pack 12 kWh of energy and produces 90 Nm (66.3 lb-ft) of torque. It can reach a 120 mph (193 km/h) top speed, while the city range is 123 miles (200 km) and the highway one half this figure. The bike also comes with a touchscreen display, smart GPS, three power modes, keyless ignition, and more, and it is clad in a luxurious carbon fiber fairing,” reports Auto Evolution.

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