Luminair Tree Tent

In case of zombie apocalypse, you’ll want to be camping out in a Luminair Tree Tent. Simply put, it’s a tent in the literal sense, complete with 16oz waterproof cotton canvas skin, but think of the structure more of as a semi-permanent tree house. At just 264-pounds, the Luminair features a hybrid aluminum, steam-bent ash frame, floor and bunks. It’s able to handle an additional 550-pounds of load, and is perfect for two adults. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Tree Tent

The Tree Tent can have up to two side benches which fold to become single beds, and a thermal liner made from 100% wool for colder climates. Other options include: underfloor water storage tank + pump, battery pack, solar charger, and a bio-fuel stove for heating / cooking / boiling water. The structure is rigged with Marlow Dyneema rope for durability, and may be suspended from one large overhanging branch, or attached to up to four trees. The placement height is dependent on preference and situation, with ladder access available.