Photo credit: Laura Jenkinson

People may not pay much attention to the chin in their daily beauty routine, but London-based makeup artist Laura Jenkinson specializes in that body part by using it to recreate pop culture icons. She paints well known characters from Disney films, Looney Tunes cartoons, the South Park series, and lots more, onto her chin, lips, as well as the skin above them. Continue reading to see them all.

According to My Modern Met, “The makeup artist is skilled at applying her colorful cosmetics; she can make her human lips appear like they’re totally natural on these characters. To add to the believably, she�ll also imitate their grin or teeth. While some have a full set of pearly whites, others only have a couple of front chompers. Jenkinson will curl her lips just so to hide her real teeth, and in a case like Bugs Bunny, expose her fake ones.”