Finally, after all the internet hype, Mission Mars One has officially announced that it’s selected the first round of 1,000 applicants out of the over 200,000 that applied to join the one-way mission to the Red Planet scheduled to happen in 2025. Over the next 2-years, the 1,058 will be further screened and tested in a reality-TV style show. Continue reading for a video and more information.

According to Inhabitat: “The Dutch non profit, run by Bas Landsdorp, claims they plan to establish the first permanent Martian settlement by 2025. The chosen few will undergo eight years of training with plans to reach Mars by 2023 to set up shop. The remaining chosen settlers will arrive two years later. With the first thousand or so chosen, it won’t take long to narrow down the potential colonists based on intelligence, physical health, and their ability to get along with others.”