Mewgaroo Hoodie

Unihabitat, a Japan-based pet supply company, has unveiled their latest product, the Mewgaroo Jumpsuit. Think of it as a onesie (pajamas) for adults that boasts an built-in feline pouch in front. There’s also wedge-shaped pouch that includes a removable liner for cat hair and such, paw print-clad long cuffs, cat ears on the hood, as well as a swinging tail in case Halloween is just around the corner. Continue reading for a video of the Mewgaroo Hoodie.


Unihabitat, makers of the Mewgaroo Onesie, also has created the Mewgaroo Hoodie Pet Pouch Sweatshirt, which includes a special “cuddle pocket” so your cat (or dog) will always be ready for cuddles, whether your be watching television or just surfing the web. The medium size also has nekomimi (cat ears), so you can cosplay as well.

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