The mind-bending video you’re about to see shows pressure being applied to a liquid in a large flask. The liquid transforms to a solid but then begins to boil while still appearing solid. Turns out Tom Enstone discovered the unknown liquid’s triple point. In thermodynamics, a liquid’s triple point is the temperature and pressure at which the substance can co-exist as a liquid, gas, and solid. Triple points also can be seen in a single state; for example, a substance can have multiple solid states and a triple point at which it reaches three of those phases simultaneously. Continue reading for the video and more information.

Raresh Vlad Bunea, a YouTube user from Toronto, commented, “It’s not often people outside a lab get to see what this looks like, because you need a vacuum pump and some chemistry kit to achieve it. But it is amazing to see a fluid freeze and bubble and look like still liquid all at the same time.”