The problem with most, if not all, phones and tablets on the market today is that you really can’t change their design. Mobikoma aims to solve that problem. Simply put, arrange the tiles however you want to form a smartphone, normal phone, or tablet. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Technical specs:

  • From two of these concept elements you can design mini cell phone sized 22mm x 44mm x 6mm.
  • On the key elements there are programmed buttons.
  • Other elements are without buttons.
  • On the lateral surfaces in the middle of the fixing tape there are apertures.
  • The locks of elements become apart after pushing by pin or similar subject in these apertures.
  • You can design a new needed form from these elements.
  • The touch screen needs thermal and kinetic operator energy for charging with the help of special adapter.
  • This tablet has all kinds of wireless communication (wi-fi).
  • Maximal size can be 1.5m x 2m.
  • 54 elements – the tablet computer.
  • 2 elements – little cell phone.
  • 18 elements – cell phone – backside.


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