Google Link

Let’s face it, Chromebooks have not been the most popular laptops on the market, mainly due to their limited capabilities, but what if Google released a product that integrated all of their most popular devices into one? Introducing the Google Link. Simply put, it’s a smart device capable of connecting via the internet to all other IoT gadgets in your house. Thanks to its modular designer, you’re also able to break it apart into a speaker dock that doubles as an AI Assistant, a wireless speaker too, laptop or tablet. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

“A lower keyboard component allows you to slide an upper tablet component in to get the full Chromebook experience. The tablet on top can be used independently too, and comes with an inbuilt trackpad and stylus that you can slide out and use at work. Come back and you can snap all the components back together and you’ve got the Link giving you the best Google-aided smart-home experience you could ask for,” reports Yanko Design.

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