This article has been sponsored by There’s nothing wrong with finding a job the traditional way, but Monster makes it even easier and even rewards you for successfully landing your dream job, with the Monster Community Wall. Simply put, will provide you with a host of inspiring success stories, in addition to tips. Continue reading for the full story.

Rider Magazine road test editor Greg Drevenstedt found his dream job on the very first day of searching. He now travels the world testing new motorcycle equipment while writing and documenting his experiences on video. You can find a video of his story Monster Success Stories . That’s just the beginning, as of Alexis Tirado — lead blogger of Alica Keys’ IAmSuperWoman website — also found success here.

Letting your friends in on this incredible resource is as easy as heading over to Monster Success Stories and clicking “Share This Wall”. You’ll also find videos of more successful job-search stories as well as much more helpful advice.

However, Monster Success Stories isn’t just for inspiration. The company is offering a total of six prize packages, including some with a laptop, for “paying it forward”. Simply send your video, photo, text of your success story and/or career tips, and they’ll send you an email once it has been published. Winners will be chosen on or around November 8th, 2010 and December 6th, 2010.

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