Imperial Shuttle Drone

Most drones aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing, but this Imperial Shuttle by Adam Woodworth, definitely is. Since paper models are a specialty of his, hand-crafting the chassis from foam was not an issue, as the printed plans were later glued on using 3M77 spray adhesive. After 4-months of hard work, the drone was complete, complete with transforming wings. Click here for more pictures of the shuttle. Continue reading for another video of it in-action during the daytime.

“With a fresh perspective, I re-worked the line system, and installed a few simple leaf springs (made of carbon sticks) that were only loaded in the fully retracted wing position, giving the wings just enough oomph to get over center and let gravity do the rest. Once I had that sorted, the rest of the build took a few hours to complete, and I was left with a surprisingly airworthy creation,” said Adam.

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