Most Expensive Nissan GTR
Nismo originally designed the concept of the Z-tune in Nissan announced the end of R34 Skyline production. Nismo then purchased used R34 GT-R V·Spec models, each with less than 18,000 miles on the odometer, which were then completely stripped and then resprayed to a “Z-tune Silver,” a special color exclusively for the Z-tune. Just one car was left in its original Midnight Purple III color. Simply put, every Z-Tune is handmade, with the car being completely stripped and re-built from the ground up. Read more to see what it’s like to detail this rare beast.

Each of the 18 production models is powered by a tuned twin-turbocharged 2.8L engine, with the rev limiter increased to 8,000 rpm, generating 500 hp. The same functional body components used in Nismo’s GT500 racing cars, such as engine bay vents on the bonnet and bumpers, as well as wider arches for wider wheels, are also used on these Z-tune cars.