Today, NASA unveiled an all-new Buzz Lightyear-inspired space suit. Dubbed the Z-1 prototype, this new suit features a rear-entry point to make it easier and quicker to put on than previous versions. Plus, the joints as well as materials have also been redesigned so that astronauts can move more easily when wearing the suit. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Getting into it will be easier than ever as well, far quicker than the hour it takes to get into current suits. This suit is also its own airlock, dispensing with the need to spend time getting the pressure right. On the back, there’s a giant backpack which doubles as a hatch that can latch onto another space ship or Rover-like vehicle. This essentially means that there’s no need for ‘Prebreathing’ which involves using oxygen to make sure the suit is the same pressure as the ship, and can take up to an hour.