For those who spend more time traveling than at home, there’s two new Panasonic portable DVD players for your enjoyment – the DVD-LX97 and DVD-LS91. The DVD-LX97 is an easy travel companion. It boasts a 9″ TFT display, SD memory slot, FM transmitter, and built-in analog TV tuner; a first for portable DVD players. Supported media include DVD±R/RW, DVD-RAM, DVD+R/RW (video only), and DVD+R DL (video only). It’s also compatible with MPEG-4, MP3, and JPG formats. Measuring only 236.5×185×51.5mm and weighing just 2.5lb, this player can be taken anywhere. At a list price of $759 USD, the LX97 is quite expensive compared to others in its class.

Like the LX97, the DVD-LS91 features a 9″ TFT display and FM transmitter. Two drawbacks, its missing the SD slot and TV tuner. On a postive note, it costs nearly $300 less ($464 USD) than its big brother so we can’t complain. It measures 235.4×179.2×46.6mm and weighs 2.2lb. Both models are set to be released on March 15th in Japan. Panasonic