At first glance, this may appear to be a human walking a donkey on Mars, but it’s actually just Boneco, a donkey that is beekeeper Manuel Juraci’s best friend. Juraci is an inventor and beekeeper from the town of Itatira, Brazil who’s fitted Boneco with a full head-to-toe protective suit. The unlikely duo is turning heads around the world and bringing home more honey than ever. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Inhabitat reports: “Juraci is one of around 120 beekeepers in the small town of Itatira, which is in the Brazilian state of Ceara. Farming is difficult in Itatira because of the region’s arid climate, and many in the area, Manuel included, have turned to honey production as a livelihood and means of support. But among the beekeepers, the team of Manuel and Boneco are among the most successful: Manuel can bring far more honey to market with the help of his friend than he could otherwise. To protect Boneco, Manuel developed the full body beekeeper suit that the donkey wears.”