Photo credit: Amos Chapple Photo via Bored Panda / Peta Pixel

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any colder, the village of Omykan pops up online. With its average temperature for January standing at -50°C, it’s no wonder why people refer to it as “Pole of Cold”. The coldest ever temperature recorded in Oymyakon was -71.2°C. The village was originally a stopover for reindeer herders who would water their flocks from the thermal spring, but the Soviet government, made the site a permanent settlement. Since nothing grows there, people eat reindeer meat, horsemeat and fish. Continue reading for videos, more pictures and additional information.

Oymyakon Coldest Village

New Zealand-based photographer Amos Chapple decided spend some time in Oymyakon to see how the locals lived, and said: “I was wearing thin trousers when I first stepped outside into � 47 °C (-52 °F). I remember feeling like the cold was physically gripping my legs, the other surprise was that occasionally my saliva would freeze into needles that would prick my lips.”


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