Portable Cree Torch Flashlight

This 7W 300LM Mini Cree LED Flashlight Torch is pocket-sized, perfect for emergencies and can be picked up for just $3.88 shipped – today only. Its ultra bright light output, combined with a skid-proof as well as waterproof design, makes it a great everyday carry gadget. For the DIY geeks, you could always pick up a few of these, strap them together with bands and create your own “torch-saber”. Product page. Continue reading for more product images and information.

Wallyshine’s model sports a very handy adjustable focus range for a host of uses, including when users need to stretch the beam to where it’s needed the most. The ultra efficient working voltage will ensure that you can achieve maximum battery life from just a single AA battery – using a rechargeable lithium-ion will is always recommended. More information.

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