Thanks to technology, photographer Lennart Nilsson captured incredible images of the first 26-weeks of a fetus. What you may not know is that some of these photos were taken with conventional cameras with macro lenses, while others were taken with the use of an endoscope. That’s not all, scanning electron microscope technology enabled Nilsson to take pictures at a magnification of hundreds of thousands. Continue reading to see more.

5 Interesting baby facts:

  1. Scientists in Norway videoed babies who were delivered onto their mothers’ tummies, and found to their astonishment that if left to their own devices, the babies used their limbs in a slow but coordinated way to crawl up and reach the breast where they then latched on and fed unaided.
  2. Psychologists in America found that even newborn babies have an elementary grasp of maths and physics. They can tell the difference between one, two, three and more objects, and can also add up and take away. He may not have an abstract concept of numbers, but your baby knows how many apples should remain if, for example, one is taken away, and he will express surprise if it is wrong.
  3. Your baby is sensitive to temperature and although she can’t throw off clothing or bedding to cool down, she can do other things. When she is cool she will move around more and when she is warm she will lie as if sunbathing, with her arms and legs flung out to the side. You can use these signs to work out if your baby is too hot or too cold.
  4. At birth it takes your baby between five and 10 minutes to get used to something new, but by 3 months it will only take between 30 seconds and two minutes. And at 6 months, your baby will adjust in less than 30 seconds.
  5. Your baby can monitor your tone of voice and will react to it. For example, if you smile at him while talking in a frightened voice, or did the reverse ‘ spoke in a happy voice while looking scared, you would probably find that he becomes agitated.

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