Our editors have compiled a list of five gadgets to help “pimp” your home/office/dorm/etc. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the entire list.

Smart Zipel – The Wireless TV Fridge

For those who spend more time in the kitchen than their office, there’s the Smart Zipel. This ultra-chic fridge has an integrated 10.4-inch wireless web pad that can connect to all compatible devices such as your TV or the internet. That’s not all, it also holds 756 litres of anything you want to stuff in it. Samsung has not yet released pricing and availability information. [Source]

Wall-Mounted Fireplace

Stylish yet simple, this wall-mounted fireplace by Vertigo fixes to any wall and features patented catalytic technology. It’s priced at around $2,400 and requires a natural gas hookup.

Ok, so maybe installation isn’t as easy as hanging a picture since you do require a natural gas hookup, but I bet this will draw a lot more attention than a photo of the family dog. And besides providing obvious mood lighting and extra heat the Vertigo also has a patented catalytic system that will burn off the odorous and stale air in whatever room it’s mounted in


Smart Oven

Samsung has teamed up with Birds Eye frozen foods to develop a smart oven that knows how to cook a meal by just reading “Smart Codes” found on specially marked packages. Buyers seeking the ultimate in convenience will appreciate this oven, just scan and cook. It’s priced at $525, no word yet on availability.

“Research commissioned by the companies has reportedly showed that 17 percent of those surveyed say that a barcode-controlled oven is the kitchen innovation they want the most.”


Phantom Park

The Phantom Park Lift is capable of lifting “two 5000-pound vehicles at once — and the top of the elevator functions as the garage floor for that second vehicle.” Video after the jump.[Source 12]

Light-Transmitting Concrete

Architect Aron Losonczi has developed a new type of concrete that transmits light by adding “optical fibers” into the mix. The fibers are used to shift light at each end, producing a “see-through” effect.

“Called LiTraCon, the blocks are a combination of “optical fibers” and concrete, mixed so that the fibers create a fine glass aggregate within the concrete.”


Luxury TV Bed

Priced at a whopping $25,900, this luxury bed has a 22-inch flat screen TV that rises up at the press of a button. That’s not all, it also features a built-in electronic leveling system. For those with money to spare, here’s the product page. [Source]

The HotSeat Gaming Futon

Here’s a first: a futon with six built-in hi-fi speakers (Dolby Surround), a powered subwoofer, three audio-inputs, and a wireless remote.

It’s great for gaming and movies, plus you can turn the bass all the way up, recline the thing into bed-mode and get into a little horizontal DDR