Playbox PS4 Xbox One Laptop

Project credit: Eddie Zarick

We’ve featured Eddie Zarick’s work before, but now he’s outdone himself with the Playbox, the world’s first PlayStation 4 and Xbox One hybrid laptop. Best of all, it includes a large 22-inch display so even multiplayer games should be enjoyable. Zarick only encountered one issue, detailed here: “The only issue I had with this unit was the PS4 capacitive Power button will not work consistently. I have determined it has something to do with interference with the XBOX ONE being so close. Luckily it turns on perfectly fine using the PS4 controller, and still will turn on with the button if you have patience.” Continue reading for more pictures and information.

“The PS4 sits on the left hand side of the unit, and the XBOX ONE is on the right side. The whole unit still only takes one power cord (must be plugged in) and only one unit can be powered on at the same time. You can not power both units at the same time, I do it this way so you dont overheat the system. There is a Smart HDMI switcher inside that automatically selects the active input, that way you do not need to worry about making sure your on the right input. Just power it on and Play!”, says Zarick.


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