Ponsee Beaver Tree Machine

At first, the PONSEE Beaver looks like just another piece of heavy machinery, but once it starts working, you’ll see that its giant claw easily tears trees out from the ground, strips them, and then saws them into logs. “PONSSE Beaver is a reliable and versatile harvester – from dense first thinning to regeneration felling. The simple and strong basic structure of PONSSE Beaver, combined with the most comfortable cabin on the market and the easy-to-use but comprehensive PONSSE Opti information system, guarantees producing operating hours and a long service life,” according to the company. Continue reading for two more videos. Click here to view more pictures of the Ponsee Beaver.

“The most powerful hydraulic capacity in its size category, reliable PONSSE cranes and efficient harvester heads make up for an entity that is not shadowed even by its larger counterparts. Beaver’s chassis structure is based on a short wheelbase and free-floating portal axle. Combined, they result in an agile all-terrain solution for the demanding thinning conditions,” according to the company’s page.

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