Porsche 918 Spyder Assembly Line

Located in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, the 4,000 sq m (43,000 sq ft) Porsche 918 Spyder assembly line employs 100 people who hand build the hypercar. The factory itself consists of 18 stations, where the carbon fiber monocoque, engines, leather finish, and chassis are assembled. Each car takes approximately 100-hours to assemble, and includes continuous testing before the vehicles are taken by a lift to a testing area on the floor below for a final check out. It takes one technician 40-hours to make each engine for the 918. Continue reading for the 11-minute video and more information.

“Porsche says that the reason behind this leisurely pace is the promotion of high precision, high quality workmanship. The line uses the Porsche herringbone model, where the work stations are supplied by pre-assembly areas to the left of the line. The cars are carried on electric-powered platforms and when assembled leave in electric mode, so the assembly is strangely quiet,” according to Gizmag

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