Size Matters 2 Drifting Truck

Drifting and trucks usually aren’t mentioned in the same sentence, that is unless…you’re talking about Mike Ryan’s 2,500-horsepower Banks Super-Turbo Castrol Freightliner. With stunts and cinematography that are on par with Ken Block’s world famous Gymkhana series, Size Matters 2 breaks out the heavy equipment for a drift-filled clip you won’t soon forget. Who knows? Size Matters 3 just might be right around the corner. Continue reading for the video and more information.

Gale Banks, the genius behind this semi-truck, told Motor Authority: “You take a five-ton big rig, it’s got a Detroit Diesel engine that we turbocharged and supercharged, added our Straight-Shot methanol injection, and then you do things with it that most people wouldn’t do even in a regular car. Up at Pikes Peak last year, we had crazy weather trying to kill Mike Ryan, the driver, but that didn’t keep him from pushing the truck hard and taking it, literally, to the edge.”