Quant-F Saltwater Car

In 2014, NanoFlowCell unveiled Quant-E, the world’s first saltwater-powered electric car, and this year, the company has unveiled the all-new Quant-F, which is a ‘completely re-engineered and re-designed’ version of its predecessor. The most notable feature is its electric drive system, consisting of a two-speed automatic transmission, a fuel-cell system and four electric motors that get their energy from the electrochemical reaction created by combining two liquids with metallic salts that act as an electrolyte. This updated drive system now generates a total 1075 horsepower, 163 more horsepower than the Quant-E. Continue reading for a video of the Quant-E.

“This represents a massive increase for an electric vehicle. In this connection, I would expressly like to point out that we researchers are not interested here in pumping up HP/kW figures, but rather in realizing what is technically feasible. For both technical and economic reasons, the rated voltage for normal operation of the Quant F will stand at approximately 400 V in the future. This enables efficient and economical driving and means correspondingly greater ranges accompanied by outstanding performance with zero harmful emissions,” says chief technical officer Nunzio La Vecchia.


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