R2-D2 Virtual Laser Keyboard

IMP’s R2-D2 Virtual Laser Keyboard is no longer a concept, and can be purchased, but unfortunately, it doesn’t come with The Force. For those who are seeing this gadget for the first time, it basically projects a virtual keyboard onto your desk or table, letting you text or type via compatible Bluetooth devices – iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android devices, tablets and OS X / Windows computers. Expect to shell out over $300 for the privilege of using the astromech as a keyboard. Product page. Continue reading for a video of it in-action and more information.

“It’s no Carrie Fisher in her prime, but the red hologram has a range of around 10 meters (over 32 feet) and emits R2-esque noises with every button press. Will your internet bully bow down before you once you tell him off via R2’s keypad? That’s for you to find out,” says Hi Consumption. More information.


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