Are you a Pokemon Trading Card Game collector that is looking for the rarest card ever? Then look no further than this “Illustrator” card, which will set you back a cool $100,000 should you decide to Buy-It-Now on eBay. According to sources, “only five copies are confirmed to be circulated, while another is in the hands of the Official Pokemon TCG Blog, making a total of six printed.” Continue reading for more pictures and information.

The card features the word “Illustrator” at the top instead of “Trainer”, and is the only card to do so. This card is also the only card with the unique pen symbol in the bottom right corner of the card. This is one of only a handful of Japanese promotional cards that feature a double-star rarity.

This card is commonly known as Pikachu Illustrator, in reference to the Pikachu in the illustration. Only four copies of this card have ever been sold. This card has sold for over $20,000 solidifying it as one of the most valuable Pokemon cards in existence.