Mimicker is basically “a new robotic process in which naturally occurring motion needs only to be kept within a certain operating area.” Video after the jump.

Real time True 3D motion means a much, much, much higher degree of realism making the training more effective and the spontaneous game action all that more exciting



Real time True 3D in video games means special motion effects can be added to the action wherein driving for example, spinouts, fish-tailing, 4 wheel drifts, sustained G’s while turning and negative G’s over the crest of hills can be realized.
Due to the way in which the Mimicker manipulates the cockpit, lighter weight materials can be used for its’ construction, for example, materials that are similar in strength to an outdoor swing set. No new technology is needed to build the Mimicker, it consists of just DC motors, nylon gears, pulleys, rollers and other simple components. This is why it is so promising an idea, it will do so much more than any other motion system costing millions of dollars