Alan Parekh built his own remote-controlled spy car by mounting a “cool black and white camera that sends live video back to the hand held controller” on the device. Demonstration after the jump. Full instructions here.

If that isn’t enough there is a switch on the side of the camera that turns on some IR LEDs to allow the camera to see in the dark

[via HackedGadgets]



I can imagine numerous projects that this car could be used for:
1) Feed the video into your computer and build an interface to control the remote. This would allow the car to be driven around from your computer (or any other remote location).
2) Using the same interface from #1 use some artificial intelligence to drive the car around autonomously.
3) Rip out the original car control circuit and build your own. The size of the car is perfect for mounting all sorts of external sensors etc.
4) Use the electronics to control a large battery operated power wheels type vehicle

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