Interior designer Funn Roberts was recently asked to renovate a 580-square-foot cabin belonging to actor Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell of AMC’s Mad Men). The renovation of the small, sound space in Hollywood was completed bit by bit, since the two men first began working together in 2010. The center piece is a retractable bed attached to a 300-pound steel counterweight that allows it to work on an effective pulley system. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Here’s what My Modern Metropolis has to add: “The bed is thoughtfully designed to fit the space in either position. As a ceiling fixture, it is not an eyesore and blends into the rest of the room. Down below, there’s more space for Kartheiser to roam, lounge, or work. There’s even a slab of redwood hinged against the wall behind the bed that can be flipped down and used as a table when the bed is hoisted up.”


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