This a sponsored review by, LLC. SwitchPlanet is a website that lets its members swap old media such as DVDs, CDs, books, and more, for free.

There’s no catch, and it’s free to request/receive an item — only members who send items have to pay shipping. If you’ve got a question for either the staff or other members, you can discuss in their forums.

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Site Features

One thing we really liked was the user-friendly navigation tabs, which separated the categories and allows you to view the most popular media. Currently, the most wanted category is comedy, while the most switched genre is drama.

That’s not all, members can also add friends and create groups. For example: this group is dedicated to Sci Fi fans, while SoundCheck lures the audiophiles.


SwitchFunds allows members to donate “every time they make a switch, every other switch, once a month, once a year or just whenever they feel compelled.” Where the money goes:

American Red Cross; Boys and Girls Clubs of America; The Nature Conservancy; American Cancer Society; Child’s Play Charity

Final Comments

Before trying to sell your items on eBay, we recommend you give SwitchPlanet a try. Someone just may have the book or DVD you’ve been looking for. Join now.