Russia UAZ Tesla Cybertruck
Russia-based Garage 54 is a tuning shop known for their outlandish creations, including an eight-wheeled Fiat and six-wheel-drive Niva, but their latest project is a bit more time in comparison. Based on the UAZ 469 light utility vehicle that was first used as a concrete car in a previous build, this Tesla Cybertruck conversion required them to completely replace the bodywork and instead of an electric powerplant, they opted to keep the 2.5-liter UMZ four-cylinder engine with just over 70 horsepower. Read more for two videos and additional information.

One notable build aspect is its body-on-frame construction, just like a real truck. Since the Russian army retired the 469 from service in 2011, civilians can also purchase the off-road vehicle. However, to make it resemble the Cybertruck, the team had to extend the wheelbase, weld some additional metal, and make body panels out of two-millimeter steel.

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