Etekcity Wireless Outlet

Etekcity’s ZAP Wireless Remote Control Outlets are perfect for those who hate running around flipping switches, and you can pick up a 5-pack for $21.46 with coupon code: DEALBIGG, today only, originally $39.98. This kit works from as far as 100 feet and is great for switching on/off hard-to-reach appliances and devices without built-in power switches. It operates household appliances from across rooms and can be a great assistant to the mobility impaired. Product page – be sure to enter coupon code: DEALBIGG during final checkout to receive the additional discount. Continue reading for a full video review and more information.

Many household electronics and appliances consume electricity even when not in use – wasting valuable energy and increasing your electric bill. Standby energy consumption can average up to $100 a year in unnecessary energy costs in a standard American household. By using this Etekcity Remote Control Outlet Switch Kit to power everyday electronic devices such as stereos, chargers, microwaves, and even christmas lights, it’s easy to take control for the best energy efficiency. More information.