Time Capsule 1795

Scientists opened a time capsule yesterday that was buried by Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and William Scollay in 1795. INside the corroded 10-pound copper box, they discovered five folded newspapers, 24 coins and a silver plate personally engraved by Paul Revere. Pamela Hatchfield, a conservator at the museum, said the capsule was accidentally unearthed in 1855 when some modifications were made to the building. Continue reading for a video, more detailed pictures of the items and additional information.

Hatchfield spent 4-hours just loosening the screws on the box’s lid and the tools used remove objects from the time capsule included: a porcupine quill, a bamboo tool and her grandfather’s dental tool. The items will be on display temporarily and may be put back in the ground with new items at a later time.

[The Daily Mail]

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