Seabob Underwater Jet Ski

Forget scuba diving, with Seabob’s Cayago F7 underwater jet ski boasts a powerful engine that generates over 734 Newtons of thrust, good for a top speed of 12mph. You’ll have 10 gears to choose from, and the jet system used in this watercraft is the world’s first to feature an impeller, or in other words, an electric powered rotor that sucks water and fires it out back out of the device. Continue reading for three more videos and additional information.

“Since no one needs a case of the bends, all underwater models from Seabob are set to a maximum depth of 2.5 meters but scuba divers can override that and set it 40 meters. For endless fun in the water, the CAYAGO F7 has an intelligent accumulator change system,” reports Hi Consumption.