Shaquille O'Neal Son Shareef

Photo credit: Cassy Athena Photo

These days, word spreads quickly, thanks to social media, and that includes pictures from Shareef O’Neal’s 16th birthday party in Los Angeles. In addition to the food trucks, he was gifted vinyl wrapped Lamborghini Gallardo and Jeep Wrangler. To be more specific, the Lambo sports a custom bodykit that has a front bumper inspired by the elusive Lamborghini Reventon. Continue reading for more pictures.

“As for the Wrangler, it features a number of matte black accents contrasting the blue wrap, particularly across the front grille and the widened wheel arches. A bespoke set of wheels and off-road tires have also been fitted as has a large LED light bar on the roof, LED indicators embedded into the wing mirrors and a winch,” reports Car Scoops.