Designed by Emanuele Magini for Italian furniture company Campeggi, the SOSIA Sofa is the world’s first transforming convertible sofa. In other words, it can be configured as a sofa, two armchairs, an L-shaped nook, or even a private dressing room. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

However, SOSIA sofas are much more than just good-looking pieces of furniture – they are highly innovative as well. The model is completely convertible, thanks to a malleable fabric flap that allows the owner to rearrange it into a variety of shapes and sizes.

With just the movement of a zipper, you can transform this sofa into dual armchairs, an L- or V-shaped layout, a daybed or even an enclosed private dressing room. No matter which configuration you decide on that day, the soft-cushioned seats will provide plenty of lounging comfort.

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