Star Wars fanatic Chis Lee is actually planning to build a full-scale Millennium Falcon, complete with a detailed interior, over the next few years. So far, he’s completed the render and some of the interior pieces. Continue reading to see more of the build and additional information.

Using the DK Ultimate Collection blueprints as our guide, we have calculated the final outer dimensions of the structure. The DK blueprints use the same overall length as the Robert Brown estimate. From there, we arrive at:

  • Length: 114 feet.
  • Beam (docking ring to docking ring): 81.485 feet.
  • Height to top of body (not counting quad-laser turret): 24.878 feet.
  • Height to top of dish: 30.889 feet.
  • Clearance: ground to landing gear bay level: 7.779 feet.
  • Clearance: ground to outside bottom of cockpit tube: 13.081 feet.

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