Ueba has complied a list of strange Japanese gadgets — from a tie with built-in wallet to the 360-degree camera. We’ve selected our favorites for your enjoyment. To start, here’s the magnifying glass cigarette lighter. View all after the jump.

Slipper/Bug Stomper

Those creepy crawlers won’t know what hit em with this slipper/bug stomper. Plus, it comes with a built-in extendable pole for those hard to reach spots.

Fresh Air Mask

What better way to relax after a hard day at work than by sucking in some fresh air from your favorite plant?

360-Degree Camera

For those who wish to take the ultimate panoramic picture, look no furthur than this 360-degree camera. It fits comfortably on your head and conveniently uses disposable cameras.

Tie With Built-in Wallet/Organizer

Put simply, this is one of the strangest ties we’ve come across. It has slots for just about everything, including scissors, passports, credit cards, and more.

Multi-Function Gardening Tool

Why carry around nine different gardening tools when you’ve got this Swiss Army-style device.

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