Growing Nails Instead of Hair

Back in 2009, Shanyna Isom was just a normal law student at the University of Memphis. One asthma attack later, and her life changed forever. You see, a hospital visit ended up causing a mystery illness so inconceivably strange that even after 5-years of research, doctors still have no how to treat her properly. According to the physicians treating her at the Johns Hopkins Medical Center, in Baltimore, Isom is the only person in the world with this condition. One doctor pinpoints it to an allergic reaction to anti-inflammatory steroids that were given during her asthma treatment. Continue reading to see what she looks like today and for more information.

“The doctors there conducted more tests and finally figured out that Shanyna was producing 12 times the number of skin cells in each hair follicle. Instead of growing hair, the follicles were actually producing human nails. They suspected that it could be a because of a vitamin deficiency, or because her skin wasn’t getting enough oxygen. The new treatment plan at Johns Hopkins is actually helping her condition improve a bit. Through intensive treatment, they have managed to remove the hard, spiny growths from the follicles on her head,” reports Oddity Central.