Ever wonder what Russian firemen do when they aren’t tending to fires or other emergencies? Creating magic carpets using water of course. Six hosepipes in total were used to help the platform and its passenger into the air. When the faux ‘magic carpet’ reaches a peak of a couple of meters above ground level, the firefighter on board flings his arms up in triumph at the feat. Then comes a moment where it appears the trick could go horribly wrong as the platform and its passenger teeter sideways. Continue reading for the video and more information.

According to The Daily Mail, “The unnamed firefighter is seen stepping on to a platform, legs braced for balance, and waiting calmly as his colleagues switch on the high powered jets positioned around him. After a few nervous moments, the platform steadies and – with the help of a few guide ropes – begins gaining height eventually appearing to hover over the concrete-covered ground below.”

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