SWIZA Swiss Army Knife

SWIZA’s D04 Swiss Army Knife puts a stylish twist on the classic multi-tool, complete with 11-functions in tow. Some of them include: a 5-turn sommelier cork screw, flat-head / Phillips screwdriver, universal bottle opener, tweezers and even a can opener. Each D04 features a blade-locking system with easy access to all available tools for both right and left-handed persons. Get one here now. Continue reading for a full video review and more information.

“The blades in every SWIZA Swiss Knife are forged from a chrome and molybdenum alloy to obtain an extra strong, durable and tenacious blade and then polished to an impervious stainless steel finish. This high-quality hardened stainless steel awl is perfect for piercing leather and is strong enough to indent hard materials. It includes a threading eye and features an additional resistance for optimized use when the tool is open,” according to the product page. More information.

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