Taco Toaster

Nostalgia Electronics’ Taco Toaster lets you make a crispy hard taco shell using standard tortillas that can be found at any local market. Simply place two tortillas into the formers, lower them into the toaster, and in just a few minutes, you’ll be ready to eat. Product page. If you don’t feel like spending $25 on a toaster designed specifically for making taco shells, continue reading for another way to make them using a standard toaster oven.

Beginning from the early part of the twentieth century, various styles of tacos have become popular in the United States and Canada. An early appearance of a description of the taco in the United States in English was in a 1914 cookbook, California Mexican-Spanish Cookbook, by Bertha Haffner Ginger. The style that has become most common is the hard-shell, U-shaped version described in a cookbook, The good life: New Mexican food, authored by Fabiola Cabeza de Vaca Gilbert and published in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1949.

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