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Adobe senior researcher Jue Wang has posted a set of images that have been run through the incredible deblur filter that we covered a few weeks back. Just to recap, the “de-blurring tool is only designed to correct for camera shake and not blurring created by motion or the subject being out of focus.” The picture above shows Hwanho Sunrise Park in Pohang, Korea. Continue reading to see them all.

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During the Adobe’s MAX conference, a company spokesperson demonstrated an all-new tool that “can convert full Flash animation into HTML5 on the fly — it not only supports animations, but elements within those animations.” Continue reading for the video.

Those animations or interactions will now be viewable on all kinds of devices – including the iPhone and iPad. This is where we think that this HTML5 conversion tool has real possibilities.

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For those unfamiliar with a plenoptic lens, it’s basically “composed of a litany of tiny ‘sub-lenses,’ which allow those precious photons you’re capturing to be recorded from multiple perspectives.” Continue reading for a video demonstration.

The result is that you get a bunch more data in your image and an “infinite” depth of field, meaning you can toggle at what distance you want your image to be focused after the act of taking it.

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Finally, Adobe Flash has been ported to the iPhone 4, courtesy of RedmondPie. One your jailbroken device, simply “download the .deb, upload it to CydiaAutoInstall on your phone via SSH, restart and you’re done.” Video after the break.

Cydia is a great place to hang out, and we’re sure unlocking is pretty swell, but it’s quite possible you and your freshly-rooted iPhone 4 have already run out of fun things to do.

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There’s Adobe Photoshop, and then there’s this adobe photo shop, which looks to be located in either a theme park or national park. Step right inside to create portraits, stickers, and hopefully more — image via.

Adobe Systems’ Photoshop software is great for many things, like creating website templates, drawing, and editing / manipulating images to your heart’s content. Continue reading to see five funny examples.

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In this Adobe Systems featurette, “join Worldwide Design Evangelist Terry White as he runs through his 5 favorite Photoshop CS5 features — included are new enhanced selection abilities and noise reduction tools.” Video after the break.