Plugin House China

The Plugin House by the People’s Architecture Office (PAO) is basically a modular, affordable living space designed for those who reside in hard to reach areas of China. Mrs. Fan (above video) was the first to purchase one of these homes, and now, their latest project in Shenzhen follows up on it. At first glance, it may appear to be an optical illusion nestled in between historic buildings, but as you get closer, you’ll see its minimalist walled-in garden area, glazed windows, and an angular design. Step inside, you’re greeted with a spacious, bright, and airy loft-style design. These homes are priced from $20,000 USD, and range in size from 160 sq. ft. to 215 sq. ft. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Le Palais Royal $159-Million Mansion

Photo credit: Concierge Auction via CNBC
Just sold your company for a billions, and want a Versailles-inspired mega mansion? If so, then look no further than Le Palais Royal, located on Florida’s Gold Coast. This 60,000-square-foot home is covered in 22-karat gold accents and built to
withstand a Category 5 Hurricane, compelete with a backup generator system that can keeps things running for 10-days. Starting with the exterior, there’s six man-made waterfalls, a $4-million, 150,000-gallon resort-sized pool below, water slide, grotto, glass bottom Jacuzzi, biometric fingerprint scanners. and $500,000 gilded mahogany front doors. Read more for additional pictures and information.

1000 Foot Tulip London

Photo credit: Foster + Partners
The London Eye may be the city’s biggest draw right now, but architecture firm Foster + Partners has unveiled “The Tulip”, a 1,000-foot glass structure that aims to be “a new public cultural and tourist attraction.” Featuring viewing galleries, sky bridges, gondola rides in specially designed pods, a pocket park, and even a rooftop garden. Read more for additional pictures and information.

Sound Wave Building Ural Philharmonic Orchestra

Photo credit: Zaha Hadid Architects
If you turned a real sound wave into a modern building, it would look like the Ural Philharmonic Orchestra. This 1,600-seat concert hall was designed by Zaha Hadid architects and blends the sound wave look throughout the interior as well with plenty organic shapes and clean curves. There’s also a smaller, yet just as elegant, 400-seat chamber-music hall housed within the steel structure. Read More for additional pictures and information.

Apple Store Thailand

Apple opened its very first store in Thailand this past Saturday at the ICONSIAM Center, welcoming both locals and visitors to experience hands-on the best of the company’s products. It’s situated alongside storied sites, cultural landmarks, and is seamlessly connected to an outdoor roof terrace, while the store’s clean, trapezoidal design lines and glass surfaces accentuate the natural beauty of its surroundings. Read more for another detailed video walk-through, additional pictures and information.

Survival Condo Doomsday Bunker

Ever wonder what’s actually inside those luxury doomsday bunkers that you’ve been hearing about online for the past few years? Well, here’s a rare look inside one unit of the “Survival Condo Project” by Larry Hall. These fortified shelters are built to withstand catastrophic events, including nuclear war, and the units are designed to accommodate about a dozen families, complete with food stores, fisheries, gardens, a pool, and even movie theater. Read more for another video, additional pictures and information.

Molten Lava Illuminated Origami
Photo credit: David Olivia | SP25
From afar, this may look like real lava flowing from a window, but it’s actually an art installation by Spanish architects David Olivia and Elisenda Planas of SP25. The two artists call it “a layer of incandescent lava that expands [with] flames that arise from the night nothing, from the inside of a mysterious abandoned building and spread, occupy and invade the entire space that surrounds it.” More than 10,000 pieces of origami was used cover nearly 100-square-meters. Read more for additional images and information.

Etch Clock

Unlike other clocks, the ETCH clock boasts a surface made from a transforming thermo-elastic membrane that forms digital numbers, which appear to be engraved into the surface. When it’s turned off, this could pass for a slab of concrete or some other minimalist home decoration. One caveat: it’ll set you back at least nearly $2,000. Read more for another video and more information.

Land Ark Draper Tiny Home RV
The problem with most tiny homes is that they aren’t built for easy transportation, or at least ones designed for families, but the Land Ark Draper is most certainly one exception. Featuring an asymmetrical design, it sports a black exterior, perfectly contrasting the natural wood interior, complete with a drawbridge-style collapsible hardwood deck. Read more for additional pictures and information.