If Mozilla released a Firefox phone, the Seabird is what it might look like. Featuring a built-in Pico Projector, 8.0-megapixel camera, wireless charging, and Google’s Android OS. Video after the break. Click here for more pictures.

First out, the Seabird imagines how a multiple use dongle might augment the crowded gestural interface with greater precision and direct manipulation of content in 3D space.

[via GizmodoMozilla]

The Firefox Home app will soon be released on the iPhone, and it “will sync up with your desktop client so that you can go mobile with all your browsing history, bookmarks and “the set of tabs from [your] most recent browser session” going along for the ride.” Video after the break.

Not only that, but there’s an “Awesome Bar” — Mozilla’s words, not ours — that’ll let you search through everything and predict options based on the available data.

[via Engadget]