MIT GANpaint Studio
If you wanted to see if an image is fake, or wanted to make one yourself, it usually starts with some kind of photo editing software. MIT’s GANpaint Studio is a tool that aims to make things a lot easier, thanks to artificial intelligence. For those who don’t know, a generative adversarial network (GAN) is a type of artificial intelligence machine learning technique made up of two nets that are in competition with one another in a zero-sum game framework. How does it work? Simply tell the tool where you want the object and it uses neural networks to insert one to match scene. Read more for a video demonstration and additional information.

Apple iOS 13 Public Beta

Photo credit: CNET
Apple’s new iPhone software will not be released until later this year, but those who have enrolled in the company’s beta program can try it out early, starting today. Available to developers since early June, iOS 13 public beta introduces several new features, such as Dark Mode, “Sign in with Apple” for signing into apps as well as websites, and critical updates to pre-installed apps (Messages, Maps, and Reminders). Read more for another hands-on preview video and the link to sign up for the beta program.

Adobe Fresco iPad App
Adobe Fresco is an upcoming addition to Creative Cloud Suite for the Apple iPad family, and it’s currently available for private beta testing, with a full launch planned for later this year. Designed for professional artists, this app grants them access to tools normally only found on the company’s desktop software. It combines raster, vector and dynamic brushes into a single app, while letting artists sync their brushes in Photoshop CC. Read more for a first look video and additional information.

Photoshop Face AI
It’s nearly impossible to detect a professionally altered image these days, but Adobe teamed up with UC Berkeley researchers to train an AI to detect facial manipulation in images edited with Photoshop. A convolutional neural network (CNN) was trained to spot changes in images made with Photoshop’s Face Away Liquify feature, or the function used to change people’s eyes, mouth and other facial features. The neural network was 99% accurate detecting altered images, and for comparison, real people who saw the same photos only spotted the differences 53% of the time. Read more for a video and additional information.

Computer Programmer Girlfriend AI Chat Bot
Li Kaixiang, a software development engineer for Chinese e-commerce website JD.com, has been inundated with projects, but didn’t want to leave his girlfriend hanging. So, he decided to create an AI-powered chatbot to answer and send messages automatically. The screenshot you see above is one sample conversation that the chatbot had recently, and while not perfectly human-like, it gets the job done. Read more for the original message that was posted to Weibo in Chinese.

Dark Mode iOS 13 WWDC

Finally, Apple has officially unveiled iOS 13 at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose. In addition to Dark Mode, Face ID unlocks are touted to be 30 percent faster, while downloads will be 50 percent smaller and updates 60 percent smaller. This enables apps to launch about twice as fast. Now back to Dark Mode, this new interface has been seamlessly integrated across iOS, including widgets and even the keyboard, complete with a swipe-able keypad, similar to those found in Android. Read more for additional pictures and information.

iOS 13 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference
Apple is expected to launch the latest version of iOS on Monday at its annual conference, WWDC, in San Jose tomorrow at 10am PDT. Michael Calcada, a Toronto-based UI/UX designer, has released a new iOS 13 concept video ahead of the worldwide developers conference that showcases “many new innovative features and improvements along with the power of augmented reality in your pocket.” To start, there’s an “always-on display” to take advantage of the power-efficient OLED displays on the latest iPhone models for showing the time and status indicators as white text against a plain black background. Read more for the clip and additional information.

iOS 13 Dark Mode
Photo credit: 9to5Mac
Apple is set to reveal iOS 13 at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote on June 3rd, but new screenshots have leaked showing dark mode, which is cross-compatible across the dock in apps as well as built-in screenshot tool. You’ll be able to toggle the switch in the Control Center or within the main iOS Settings page. The Reminders app also got refreshed for iOS 13, now with separate sections for today, scheduled, flagged, and all. Read more for a video detailing the new features and additional information.

World's Most Dangerous Laptop Viruses
Artist Guo O Dong has created “PersistenceChaos,” or an installation that consists of a normal laptop (10.2-inch Samsung NC10-14GB) with six of the world’s most dangerous computer viruses installed that have caused financial damages totaling $95-billion – just don’t connect this to any Wi-Fi network or plug in a USB drive. Some of the malware include: the ILOVEYOU virus from 2000 that was often a “love letter” attached to emails and ransomware WannaCry. Read more for a livestream of the laptop and additional information.

iOS 13 Apple iPhone iPad
Photo credit: Álvaro Pabesio
Designer Álvaro Pabesio envisions what Apple’s next mobile operating system could look like on the company’s next-generation iPhones and iPads. The iOS 13 concept features a desktop extension for Mac / iPad, Reminders, a revamped Messages system, Mail, Reminders, a new volume HUD, Dark Mode, and lots more. “iOS 13 brings amazing new features to your devices. A completely reimagined iPad experience. An even better Continuity. Dark Mode. And stunning redesigns to the apps you love most,” said Pabesio. Read more for additional pictures and information.