Fender fans rejoice! T-Mobile has unveiled a limited edition myTouch 3G that has a woodgrain-inspired design and a pre-loaded 16GB microSD card. Pricing and availability have not yet been announced. Continue reading for one more picture.

..so color us shocked to find out that the carrier has gone back and added a desperately-desired feature — a genuine 3.5mm headphone jack — for a new version of the phone later this year.

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Amazon is selling the T-Mobile Sidekick LX 2009 for just $149.99 shipped with service plan, originally priced at $449.99. It features “a high-definition LCD, a camera with flash, improved video capabilities, mood lights which lets users set specific settings for various communication alerts, and GPS-enabled Live Search.” Product page.

Like other Sidekicks, the Sidekick LX’s screen slides up to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard, enabling you to fire off quick text messages as well as chat on popular instant messaging services.

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Arriving July 8th and priced at $199.99 is T-Mobile’s myTouch 3G. This Google Android-powered Smartphone features a 3.2-inch touchscreen, 3.2-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, and 3G data connectivity. Click here for first picture in gallery.

The good news is that T-Mobile USA has finally gotten around to announce its second Android handset, the myTouch 3G; the bad news, though, is that you can’t have it just yet.

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T-Mobile is set to expand their Android phone lineup, with the Samsung Bigfoot. This QWERTY-equipped Smartphone features a “3-inch capacitive AMOLED display, 3 megapixel camera, and naturally, HSDPA [connetivity].” No word yet on pricing or availability.

We’re told it’ll launch “like, really soon,” so would-be G1 or myTouch 3G buyers might want to hold on for a hot second.

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Finally, the T-Mobile G1 has now been confirmed to run the GP2X emulator. In the video, you’ll see several games being demonstrated, including: Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Samurai Showdown, and Super Mario World. Continue reading to watch.

Have a peek at a “pre-alpha” demonstration video just past the break, and feel free to let your hopes and expectations reach new heights.

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Amazon is offering the T-Mobile G1 at just $97.99 shipped with service plan, originally priced at $399.99. This Smartphone “comes equipped with a convenient trackball for more precise, one-handed navigation.” Product page.

If you’ve been hoping a deal on the T-Mobile G1 was imminent, well then you’re in luck: Amazon’s got a sweet deal going now, whereby you can grab one for $97.

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This multi-touch hack for the T-Mobile G1 doesn’t require a “recompilation of the Linux kernel, but does require modifying one of the Java system libraries on the phone.” Video after the break.

Put simply, he has figured out a way to demonstrate full working multitouch on a stock T-Mobile G1, and he even provides the video to prove it and a list of instructions for developers to follow suit.

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In this T-Mobile G1 clip, you’ll see “a modified fingerpaint program that draws circles under two fingers simultaneously, and tracks the fingers as they move across the screen.” Continue reading to watch.

Okay, so being able to cover your screen with red and yellow splotches isn’t going to convert any spoiled iPhoners, but we’re thinking the rest of you developers out there should be able to pick up this ball and run with it.

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This fan-made T-Mobile G1 rap song “unashamedly bashes the iPhone, Instinct and most every other ‘rival’ on the market today.” Continue reading to watch.

Now, we’ve got a video for all you G1 pre-orders that’s sure to get your noggin’ bobbin’ as you patiently await the arrival of Android.

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Sony Ericsson T

Touted as T-Mobile’s first high-speed 3G phone, the Sony Ericsson T 506 features a 2.0-inch display, 2.0-megapixel camera, M2 card slot, Bluetooth 2.0 w/A2DP, and USB 2.0 connectivity. Video after the break. Click here

I tested it in several locations in NYC, one of T-Mobile’s first 3G cities, and we’re talking near Wi-Fi speeds on T-Mobile’s 1700/2100 MHz HSDPA network. I got a crazy average of 5037kbps using DSL Reports’ smartphone speed test, where the iPhone 3G, in the same location at the same time, managed an average of 545kbps.

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